Meeting Africa’s Fuel Needs.

Rising Petroleum is an emerging supplier of petroleum products and services. Our aim is to meet the fuel, lubricant and services needs of a number of key sectors including construction, transportation, industrial, manufacturing and the public sector. Our promise is to supply only the highest quality fuels and lubricants to specific industries - on time, every time.

Management Team
About Us

Company Background

Rising Petroleum is a new company that was established to answer a pressing need in African industry. We all know that fuel and the cost of keeping machinery running efficiently are indispensable for the smooth running of most major industrial concerns. But these items are expensive and its cost control is critical to the success of any business.

Rising Petroleum can help by offering some of the most highly competitive prices and payment terms in the industry. We aim to help African businesses and Governments ease some of the problems they deal with, by offering a range of complete value chain-service solutions to make operations run more efficiently.

On the extractive side of the business, we offer products and services that enable energy resources to be extracted, transported, processed and distributed to the final consumer. Our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs - whether you are involved in a development plant, refinery or any sector of the extractive industry.

Rising Petroleum also offers its service and petroleum products in the selection and specification of correct fuels that conform with machinery, encompassing old and new technologies. We are thus able to offer site machine inspection to assist clients with correct product specifications and consult on any issues that they may have, pre- or post- contract.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become one of the leading petroleum product suppliers in Africa, providing customers with tailored solutions to meet their unique requirements. This will be achieved by utlising the latest innovations in technology and know-how to provide timely service and the most competitive product prices.

Our People

Our experienced, highly-qualified teams are used to working with clients on their precise project requirements and exact equipment specifications. Our teams have worked in a number of African markets and internationally and we bring that experience to bear to provide assurance and comfort to customers and provide high quality, cost effective, prompt and professional supplies and services.

Our Policy

Our policy of providing only original and genuine high quality brand products, together with its promise of timely delivery and customer satisfaction, governs the company’s philosophy. We continually strive to improve our performance with accurate communications and consistent reliability.

Management Team

Mr Jonathan Sinyinza

Group Co-Chairman and Zambia Operations Coordinator

Mr Jonathan Sinyinza is the Group Co-Chairman and Zambia Operations Coordinator of the Rising Petroleum Board. As the Co-Chair, he oversees the performance of the Board, ensuring its effectiveness in all aspects of its role and sets a Board agenda, which is primarily focused on strategy, performance, value creation and accountability, ensuring that issues relevant to these areas are reserved for Board decision. Mr Sinyinza provides, in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer, that the Board determines the nature and extent of the material risks the company is willing to embrace in implementing its Petroleum business strategy. Mr. Sinyinza has extensive relationships and influence with various governments in Africa.

As a trained Civil Engineer, Mr Sinyinza has worked in several organizations and projects for over 30 years as Site Engineer, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Contract Administrator, Managing Director and Group Company President. He is currently the Chairman and executive Officer of Bi-Power Group Limited. He previously worked with Zcon Construction Company Limited as the President of the company for over ten years and successfully executed projects in excess of US$ 350 million during that period, Managing Director with B and B Engineering and Construction for 4 years handling projects worth US$ 35 Million, Managing Director with Sinetech for 15 years handling projects worth US$ 100 Million and Project Manager and Site Manager with Minestone for 4 years.

Mr Jonathan holds a BSc Honours Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Zambia and is a Registered Engineer in Zambia.

Mr Samuel Pather

Chief Executive officer

As Chief Executive of Rising Petroleum Mr Pather’s key responsibilities is to lead the development of the organization’s long and short-term strategies, managing its overall operations, making major decisions regarding operations management, resource utilization, and critical corporate functioning. Mr Pather is the Founder and President of Grand Merit International Limited and Grand Merit Propriety Limited. He is currently Group Chief Executive & Shareholder of the Rising Group of Companies which includes Rising Petroleum – (Petroleum, Energy & Storage), African Seas Freight Forwarders - (Shipping & Freight Forwarding), Microbe Bio – (Fertiliser & Agriculture), TheTop Property Group – (Property Acquisition, Sales and Rentals), The SPH Group - (Africa Infrastructure Project Development), Ice Blue Group - (Agriculture) and Rising Mines – (Gold, Copper & Commodities).

Mr Pather is an accomplished business executive who brings substantial wealth of knowledge and experience to Rising Petroleum considering his extensive background in multiple disciplines. His expertise coupled with his passion for learning, has allowed him to continuously expand his skill set to bring innovative ideas and solutions to the workplace. Throughout his career, he has shown an unwavering commitment to excellence and a drive for success. He has led several multinational companies and helped to drive growth and development in the chemical, packaging, petro-chemical and property industries. Mr Pather is very passionate about the oil and gas industry and has great aspirations of becoming a global leader in the petroleum sector.

Mr Pather’s passion for learning has also driven him to pursue advanced degrees and certifications in commercial law, accounting, psychology, industrial sociology  procurement, logistics and administration further solidifying his standing as a leader in the business community. He believes there is no end to learning and is currently engaged in a Doctorate Program (PhD). In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr Pather is a dedicated member of his community and is committed to humanitarian endeavors.

Mr Duncan Otieno

Chief Operations Officer

Mr Duncan Otieno is the Chief Operations Officer of Rising Petroleum, responsible for overseeing the overall business operations strategy as well as leadership, performance and achievement of all company Group Operations, including P&L, cost center management, procurement, administration and human resources affairs, and operational efficiencies of Rising Petroleum. He is in charge of designing and implementing business operations while establishing operational policies that promote company culture and vision.

Mr Otieno is also a Co-Founder of A.D.F. Group, the Vice Chairman and President of Africa in charge of ensuring sustainable and strategic investments of A.D.F. Group funds in Africa. Mr Otieno was also the founder of Mobikash Afrika, among other innovative Business & Social interests  including Financial Services, Private Equity & Investments, I.C.T. & Related Services, Energy & Petroleum, Mining, Business & Professional Consulting, Retail & Distribution, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Media, Real Estate, Construction, Events Management and Charitable Activities. Some of the key companies in which Mr Otieno holds Directorship are SPH Group, Rising Mines, TheTop Property Group, AGREHA Ltd, Banka Solutions, Zalafin, Truget Technologies, Sawa Farm Products, TheTop Farms and Rising Organic Fertilizer, among other companies.

Mr Otieno worked in the banking industry for over 19 years in various senior management positions. He has also worked with the Government of Kenya and various auditing and consulting firms.  Mr Otieno has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Commercial & Private Banking, Private Equity, Microfinance Institutions, Payment & Money Systems, Retail & Trade, Risk management, audit, strategic management and accounting.

Mr Otieno holds an M.B.A. in Finance and a BSc. In Finance and is a PhD. Finance Candidate at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science & Technology in Kenya. He also holds Professional Qualifications; Certified Public Account (C.P.A.), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and Certified Securities & Investment Analysts (CSIA).

Mr. Chizah Kanaiya

Chief Finance Officer

Mr Chizah Kanaiya is the Chief Finance Officer with Rising Petroleum in charge of financial leadership, stewardship and management of corporate and portfolio finances, assets and resources, as well as the company's overall investments. Mr Kanaiya is further charged with the responsibilities of financial reporting, audit, compliance and financial planning of the company while playing a strong role in both organic and inorganic expansion of Rising Petroleum across major regions in Africa in alignment with the company plans and objectives. He is also the Chief Finance Officer of SPH Group. He further servers as the Finance Director of Graceland Group of Companies and Graceland Athi River Ltd, which specializes in real estate development and management. He is also an active Director of several companies, mainly: Potters Farm, Cellepot, Ligo Welfare Association, Duncano Consulting Group, Banka Solutions, AGREHA, Zalafin, Truget Technologies, among others. Mr Kanaiya served for 25 years as head of Finance & Administration for the world's oldest and largest news agency, The Associated Press (A.P.), in charge of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Congo, Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Seychelles, Comoros and Mauritius. He belonged to the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) team and reported directly to A.P. Global H.Q. in New York. He also served as a Church Elder at CITAM valley road and a council member and Chairman of the Finance committee at P.A.C. University.

Mr. Kanaiya holds a BSc. International Business Administration (I.B.A.) from United States International University. He studied Finance, Accounts & Administration at Dedan Kimathi University of Science & Technology; Strathmore University and K.C.A. University. He also undertook post-graduate studies at the University of Cambridge and Irish International University. He is a Certified Public Accountant – C.P.A. (K).

Dr. Kobi Ludwin

Director, Strategy, Sustainability and Integrated Services

Dr Kobi Ludwin is the Director of Strategy, Sustainability and Integrated Services of Rising Petroleum, responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of a company’s sustainability strategy and development of new initiatives to help the company become more sustainable, as well as managing existing programs that have already been implemented. Dr Ludwin is also the Co-chairman of W.J Mudolo Foundation, responsible for project implementation, resource allocation and mobilization of the Foundation. Dr Ludwin is a strategist and entrepreneur, dynamic with extensive experience in establishing and building various international operations and business models. Over the years, Dr Ludwin has worked as a director in those operations. Today, Dr Ludwin is involved in many projects around the globe involving emergency medicine education, emergency care and innovation in medicine.

Among other qualifications, Dr Ludwin holds an M.B.A. from the University of Cumbria in the U.K. and is a PhD candidate in Emergency Medicine.

Mrs. Kacey Moses

Director, Logistics

Mrs Kacey Moses is the Director of Logistics with Rising Petroleum in charge of the overall supply chain management, organization and monitoring the storage and distribution of petroleum products. The goal is to manage the entire order cycle so as to enhance business development and ensure sustainability and customer satisfaction within the supply value chain. Mrs Moses is the founder of African Seas Freight Forwarders which is a BBBEE Level 1 company which has grown exponentially over the years as a result of her resilience and perseverance. African Seas Freight Forwarders is the logistical arm for Rising Petroleum.

Mrs Moses is a motivated, driven entrepreneur with more than three decades of experience in the shipping industry. She has built a highly successful career which specialises in global sea-freight transport as well as cross-border transport into Africa. Mrs Moses’s expertise in the freight industry has made her a sought-after leader with exceptional business and management skills. She has worked closely with transport companies and freight agencies from across the globe and has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of operations.

As an industry trail blazer, Mrs Moses is highly skilled in being able to communicate in a global inter-cultural environment. She recognises the need for leadership and teamwork in the shipping industry, the importance of a culture of safety and the demand for flexibility and professionalism. Mrs Moses has been making waves in a traditionally male-dominated industry and is committed to empowering the next generation of the maritime industry with critical skills for successful entrepreneurship.

Mr. Kenneth Milton Sosola

Head of Corporate Affairs

Mr Ken Sosola is the Head of Corporate Affairs at Rising Petroleum, responsible for organising governance processes, coordinates coherent policies and is responsible for external marketing and communications. He is the founder member of Milton’s Investment, a logistics company covering SADC region. Mr Sosola’s professional work experience includes lecturing in Finance, Economics and Business Management; previously worked with Tanda Milling (food processing division) as the Chief Executive Officer; National Sales Support Manager with British Petroleum (BP) responsible for marketing plans, rationalisation, and industry analysis, Product Manager at Microsoft and as Corporate Finance Executive at Vuwa Investments.

Mr Sosola holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Master of Commerce Degree specialising in Business Administration, Corporate Finance and Advanced Costing from Pune University, India, Master of Economics Degree from Tilak University, Pune, India, Post graduate study at Witwatersrand Business School (Wits), South Africa and an Executive Development in Strategic Management from Baruch College, City University of New York., USA.

Ms Benita Kalicharan

Head of Research and Development

Ms Benita is the Head of Research and Development at Rising Petroleum charged with the responsibility of developing new catalysts, create high-performance fuels and lubricants, deliver improved chemical and refining process technologies, working in partnership with bulk off take customers on innovative products.

Ms Benita’s knowledge and experience spans several business sectors which includes higher education, agriculture, research, and science industries where she worked for nine years at various multidisciplinary institutions. Whilst studying for her postgraduate studies, she liaised with various research departments and formulated reports, as well as disseminated scientific information in a professional, logical, and concise manner. She is a phenomenal team player with excellent communication and organizational skills which she developed to maintain successful working relationships among academic staff, technical support, and senior management, thus bridging the gap and enhancing cohesion among the sectors to promote successful scientific outputs.  Ms Benita presented her own research interests at national and international conferences which has reinforced her communication skills on global platforms.

Ms Benita Kalicharan is an exemplary individual who has high aspirations of achieving her goals and attaining success at the very highest level. She has a BSc Degree, a BSc Honors cum laude and a Master of Science Degree from the University of KwaZulu Natal. She is currently in the latter stages of completing her PhD in Life Sciences.

Ms Micaela Anna de Leon

Director, Quality Control &Compliance

Ms Micaela Anna de Leon is the Director Quality Control and Compliance at Rising Petroleum, responsible for product quality control checks, compliance with the Company Quality Management System and client specification standards as well as regulatory standards both local and international.

Ms Micaela has been involved with various international corporations and has worked extensively with Government institutions, national companies in the Far East, the Middle East and Africa. She has  knowledge of and expertise in high-level compliance and ethical practices adherence in many sectors.

Ms Micaela also has experience working in the Energy Sector, having worked with several major oil and gas corporations to implement mega projects in several countries, such as Iraq, Kurdistan, U.A.E., China, Morocco, and Ghana.

Ms Micaela Holds a BA degree in Business Studies, a High school degree in sciences and a Master in Public Relations.


Director of Structured Trade Finance

Mr. Lloyd Muposhi is an accomplished Director of Structured Trade Finance with a remarkable track record in negotiating oil and gas deals with African governments and major distributors. Presently at Rising Petroleum, he excels in facilitating structured trade financing arrangements to ensure seamless acquisition of oil and gas from the company and its strategic partners. With expertise in originating large ticket-size deals across the COMESA region, including trade finance, debt capital markets, corporate finance, and project finance, Mr. Muposhi's strategic planning abilities and strong network of high-level contacts have been instrumental in driving prospects and fostering growth in the company's operations. His leadership has been pivotal in structuring successful trade finance deals with refineries, trade entities, and commercial banks.

Mr. Muposhi's over 27 years career is marked by several high-level senior management positions, each contributing to his extensive skillset. As Chief Executive Officer of Africinvest Private Credit Limited in Tunisia and Kenya, he demonstrated his exceptional ability to oversee all aspects of the company's operations and strategic planning while maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders. Furthermore, as Executive Director at Trade and Development Bank, he showcased his expertise in managing the Trade Finance Business Project Finance across East Africa, successfully originating and executing various transactions. Similarly, in the role of Head of Trade Finance at PTA Bank, Mr. Muposhi achieved significant milestones by effectively managing the Trade Finance Business across COMESA, leading to abook of USD 3 billion and surpassing revenue targets. Among his other senior positions, he also served as Chief Representative Officer at FirstRand Bank, South Africa, Director at Quantum Capital Limited, General Manager at Loita Capital Partners, Senior Relationship Manager and Head of Financial Institutions at Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Limited, and Relationship Manager at Citibank Zambia Limited.

With a Master of Law Studies from Northwestern Pritzker Law, Chicago, USA, and a BA. Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Zambia, USA, Mr. Muposhi's academic background complements his extensive experience in the finance industry. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Monarch Business School, Switzerland, his commitment to continuous learning and growth further enhances his value as a leading figure in structured trade finance.

Mr. Lloyd Muposhi's exceptional expertise, strong leadership, and impressive accomplishments make him a highly valuable asset to Rising Petroleum and its strategic partnerships. His proficiency in negotiating deals, structuring transactions, and managing relationships has played a vital role in driving the company's success and growth in the dynamic field of structured trade finance.